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Sit-down or grazing, these Saturday lunches are multi-winery food and wine extravaganzas at top restaurants that celebrate the wine and cuisine of particular countries or regions. 

A multi-winery, multi-country, multi-restaurant event on Sunday to celebrate the end of the festival. Each tasting station features a petit plat created by the restaurant to pair specifically with one local or international wine.

Trade Days
A program of events designed to help the wine and food professional stay ahead of the world wine curve. Trade events are available only to those who work in the wine, hospitality or restaurant industry. Proof of such employment may be required when ordering.

Wine & Food Grazing
An informal wine and food event, where patrons browse from tasting station to tasting station while enjoying a casual buffet.

Wine Mingler
A wine tasting where patrons browse from station to station in an informal and entertaining setting. Some food will be served, but it is advised to have a meal ahead of time.

Wine Seminar
Informative, educational seminars exploring issues, trends, regions and varietals in a classroom setting.

Wine Tasting
An informal tasting at winery tables. Note that these are not food events. Some food samples will be served, bread for cleansing the palate, and so on, but it is advised to have a meal before arriving.

Winery Dinner
A sumptuous and informative food and wine exploration where the vision of the chef is shaped and influenced by a selection of premium and exclusive wines from around the world.

The Vancouver International is one of the very best run wine festivals in the world...
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Vancouver International Wine Festival 2012